Can I file an Alberta Divorce on my own?

We are asked by many of our clients if they can complete the divorce process themselves.  The answer is, of course you can.  The real answer, however, is why would you want to!  Going through the Court process on your own is like learning to rebuild the engine in your car just to fix your vehicle.  You will probably spend dozens of hours to educate yourself on the process of filing for an Calgary divorce.  You will have to make several trips to the Courthouse to file the documents. Along with waiting in line, getting through security and other things and then only to find out there is a mistake and you have to go back and redo the documents.  Many of our clients start the divorce themselves then retain us to finish the divorce because they don’t know how to proceed.  In some cases we have to go back and undo some of the actions they have taken, which costs them more than retaining us in the first place.  Before starting the process of an Calgary Divorce, please call us for more information and a FREE telephone consultation at (403) 560-8550 or visit our websites at Affordable Divorce Calgary or Affordable Divorce Edmonton. You can also reach us by email at

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