New Rules for Out of Country Divorces!

If your ex spouse does not live in Canada then you need to read this information.  The new Alberta Rules of Court say that all divorces where the former spouse does not live in Canada must first file for an Order for Service Ex Juris.  This is a change from the old procedure where we had permission to serve without the express order of the Court.  This means that once the divorce is filed, it will be necessary to submit an application to grant the order before the documents can be sent out of the country to be served.  We are familiar with the pprocedure and paper work needed to obtain the order but it does take some time and means more Court work is required.  We do change an extra fee for obtaining this order, but our fees are much lower than a lawyer will charge to get the order needed.  We process about 60 foreign divorces in a year through our offices.  We are very good at getting this done as fast as possible. For any further information related to a Calgary Divorce, pleas contact our office by phone at (403) 560-8550 or visit our website at  We look forward to being of service to you throughout your divorce.

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