Do I Have to take Parenting After Separation Seminar?

If you have any children under 16 and you are filing for a Calgary divorce then it is mandatory that you take the PASS.  The one day course is designed to help parents understand their responsibilities to their children.  Basically, the course helps parents realize that they can’t use their children to find out about what the other person is doing or talk bad about the other party.  The only way you can be excused from the course is with an exemption granted by a judge or if you live more than 150 kms from a location where the course is offered.  The course is free and is usually offered on two consecutive evening of three hours or one six hour session on a Saturday.  For more information you can contact our office and we will email you more information.  You can call us at (403) 560-8550, email us at or visit our website for all of our Alberta office locations.  Our website is located at

In July the Court instituted a new online Parenting After Separation course.  The course is now offered exclusively online for most smaller areas.  It takes about three hours to complete the course and you will need to download and forward the certificate to our office so it can be filed with the Court.  You can register and complete the course by visiting the website  Now that the course is offered online, most Judges will not grant exemptions to the parties.  You must plan on taking the course before you can obtain a divorce.

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