What Court Do I Use?

I receive several calls each week from people who wonder whether they should file their matter in the Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench or in the Calgary Provincial Court.  In most cases you have an option.  If you are seeking interim orders prior to beginning the divorce process then you can file these matters in Provincial Court.  But once you have started your Calgary Divorce then it must be filed in the Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench.  Once the matter is in the Court of Queen’s Bench then you can no longer use the Provincial Court.  I suggest that you get some advice about which Calgary Court you should use or if you need iterim orders before filing for divorce it is usually less expensive to obtain these in the Calgary Provincial Court before starting your divorce.  In most cases we suggest that you will need legal advice before making these kinds of decisions.  Since we are not lawyers but rather highly trained paralegals we suggest you obtain legal advice about these types of decisions.  We are always happy to give you basic information and refer you to a lawyer that specializes in family law if you need to obtain these types of orders before obtaining a Calgary Divorce.

Even if you need a lawyer for some of these preliminary orders, you can still proceed with a Calgary Uncontested Divorce once these matters have been decided.  If you and your former spouse agree you can thene proceed to use our company to obtain a Calgary Divorce.  As always, you can call us at (403) 560-8550 to discuss your situation free of charge.  You can also visit our website at Edmonton Divorce Services to obtain more information about your situation.

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