Sole, Joint, Shared or Split, which custody arrangement is best for me?

This is often a dilemma for couples who are breaking up.  How do we describe our new relationship with the kids.  Here are the possible ways to describe how you approach parenting.

SOLE CUSTODY:  Is where one parent makes all decisions related to the children.  This parent does not need to consult with the other parent.  The Calgary  Courts will usually not grant sole custody unless the other party agrees.  If the other party disagrees then you will need considerable evidence to show why that parent should not be involved in parenting.  Unfortunately, not getting along with that person is not a valid reason.

JOINT CUSTODY: Is where both parents are involved in the decisions that affect the child.  This is the form that the Calgary  Courts like to see because it means that one parent is not being excluded from decisions made about the children.

SHARED CUSTODY: is where each parent provides day to day care for the children at lease 40% of the time.  Many times this will be on a week to week basis.  I have seen arrangements where the children move back and forth every three or four days.  If the parents choose shared custody the child support payable will be based on the difference in incomes between the parties.  It is not true that neither party will have to pay support as the Courts will still order support to be paid based on the difference in income.

SPLIT CUSTODY: This is an arrangement where each parent takes care of one child while the other parent takes care of another.  Once again, Courts will determine child support based on the difference in incomes.

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